RSA Talent Talks on Cell & Gene Therapy

RSA Talent Talks Cell & Gene Therapy

Episode Summary

RSA's debut Podcast delves into the Cell & Gene Therapy sector, offering unique and rich insights from its latest Talent Equity® Report, guided by the brilliant minds and in-depth experience of two experts in this field - Nick Stephens and Mark Johnson. Dr Kat Arney, BBC Radio host, columnist and author, speaks to Nick and Mark about the current, revolutionary period of drug development and the challenges that leadership teams face in the Cell & Gene Therapy Sector. This time is crucial, "we've got cancer on the ropes."

Episode Notes

In the latest RSA Talent Equity® Report, RSA looks at the Cell and Gene therapy (C&G) sector and the profile of leadership teams driving the most significant period of progress in drug development for many years. In this podcast, Nick Stephens, Executive Chairman of The RSA Group and Mark Johnson, Partner and RSA's resident expert on Cell & Gene Therapy, talk to Dr Kat Arney, sharing their thoughts and views on the challenges that leadership teams face in this revolutionary sector.

C&G companies are opening the door to a paradigm shift in medicine. They are developing some of the most exciting new therapeutics that we have seen for decades and they are doing it quickly, delivering meaningful results for patients that are changing lives for the better.

However, C&G companies face a unique set of challenges which set them apart from the rest of the sector. They are subject to short time-frames, putting company leaders under high pressure from day one and creating the need for an alternative, faster growth strategy dependent on people and money. Management teams need to be built faster and be more broadly-based than in purely R&D focused drug discovery enterprises. Nick and Mark talk about the profiles of the people at the heart of these companies and how they’re assembled into winning teams that evolve and flex over time according to the funding available and pipeline needs.

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